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The 5 Love Languages – Gary Chapman
Non-fiction / 24th August 2019

Introduction The 5 Love Languages is all about love. All the advice is based on the author’s experience as a marriage counsellor and his own life experiences. Author Gary Chapman is a speaker and counsellor who help people to form lasting relationships. He frequently hosts marriage conferences. He has numerous books related to the emotion and love. Besides that, he is also the host of a few radio programmes related to his expertise. Content The book has 14 chapters. At the conclusion of the book are 2 questionnaires, The Five Love Languages Profile for Husbands and The Five Love Languages Profile for Wives. The author starts with how we fall in love and what happens after the infatuation ends, the 5 different languages of love and how to express love in these languages. He also mentions about how should we love our children. The questionnaires at the end of book are meant to let us find out which is/are our primary love language(s). Review This book is mainly about how to express love in a way that is valued by our loved ones. According to the author, the failures in relationships are principally due to the expression of wrong love…