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Crush Price Objections: Sales Tactics for Holding Your Ground and Protecting Your Profit – Tom Reilly
Non-fiction / 25th May 2024

Review of Crush Price Objections Crush Price Objections is a book about holding the line on prices and protecting margins for sellers. The author hopes to prepare the readers to handle a price objection than the buyer is to offer it. Sellers’ challenges One fundamental challenge of dealing with price objections is resolving differences in your subjective realities. Since the outcome is strongly tied to expectations, it is a good strategy to have positive expectations. Cutting and contracting is not the way to prosperity. We must expand, leverage, and sell our way to. prosperity. Buyers’ characteristics People make relative-value decisions – weighing what they want to acquire against what they sacrifice to acquire it, thus it is important to understand the context in which they make their buying decisions. Attributes that buyers value over price are quality, service, availability, and knowledgeable salespeople. Dissatisfaction drives change – people change when the pain is greater than the gain. Selling strategies Selling profitably requires changing the way buyers view things by stretching their time horizons from short- to long-term and enlarging the conversation from price to money. These 2 fundamental strategies – stretching the time horizons and enlarging the conversation – link all…

Fluke: Chance, Chaos, and Why Everything We Do Matters – Brian Klass
Non-fiction / 11th April 2024

Review of Fluke Fluke tries to reframes our sense of who we are and how our world works. The author aims to dispel some of the damaging myths we pretend are true while exploring 3 facets of human experience that can help us understand ourselves. Storybook version of reality We focus on big, singular changes to expel big event, ignoring the small grains of sand that pile up and create avalanches. It is the storybook version of reality where everything that happens has a cause. To explain how we came to be who we are, we recognise the pivot points that so often were out of our control. But we ignore the invisible pivots, the moments that we will never realise were consequential, the near misses and the near hits that are unknown to us because we have never seen, and will never see, our alternative possible lives. That is why we are prone to inventing and clinging to false explanations in the face of seemingly random misfortune. Humans cannot easily accept randomness as an explanation for why we get cancer or end up in a car accident. Contingency vs convergence Contingency is the stuff happens theory while convergence is…

How to Prevent Diabetes: I Beat It and You Can Too! – Dorris S. Woods
Non-fiction / 13th March 2024

Review How to Beat Diabetes is the true story of the author’s determination not to become a statistic of Type II Diabetes. Type II diabetes There are 2 types of diabetes, being Type I diabetes and Type II diabetes. Type II diabetes is the common type. In Type II diabetes, the body loses its sensitivity to insulin, causing glucose to circulate in the blood and spills into the kidneys. Staying power The author attributes her success to staying power. Staying power means long-term positive changes needed to achieve a goal. She said that if you do something for 21 days, it becomes a habit. I was wondering if this is true but I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt. Exercise and diet Exercising and losing weight with permanence intended are her prescription to beat diabetes. You need to change and stay changed. In the process of learning how to lose weight, you also learn how to maintain normal healthy weight. If you experience some occasional lapses, do not be dejected, simply start back where you left off as soon as you can. There is no need to confine yourself to special foods; just eat sensibly. After a…

Forty Years to Life – Brenda Bradford Ward
Non-fiction / 29th February 2024

Introduction Forty Years to Life is an exposition of part of the transgendered condition from the perspective of the author who has known it personally. I received a request to review this book and proceeded to read it. Author Brenda Bradford Ward is a transgendered male-to-female woman. She had a career in financial services and is currently a doctoral student in sex and gender psychology. Contents Forty Years to Life has a total of 20 chapters. The chapters are: 1. The Terminology War 2. A Matter of Perception 3. A Manner of Being 4. Encounters of Youth 5. A Singular Event 6. A “Normal Boy” 7. For Higher Learning 8. Key Relationships 9. Lessons of Self and Gender 10. Music Discovered 11. A Room with No Door 12. A Time for Resolution 13. Stepping Out 14. The Condition and its Future 15. The Law and the Church 16. Popular Misconceptions 17. A Call to Action 18. Following the Plan 19. A Closing Word 20. Definitions and Conventions Used In This Work Review I knew Forty Years to Life would be a difficult read after a few paragraphs. Although this book is the author’s own personal experience, she wrote it with…

Power and Progress: Our 1000-Year Struggle Over Technology and Prosperity – Daron Acemoglu, Simon Johnson
Non-fiction / 23rd December 2023

Introduction Power and Progress is about the direction of technology development. This book explores the nature of the economic, social, and political choice, the historical and contemporary evidence on the relationship among technology, wages, and inequality, and the ways to direct innovations to work in service of shared prosperity. After reading Poverty, by America, I stumbled upon this book and decided to read it. Author Daron Acemoglu is Institute Professor of Economics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He has received several awards and honours, including the John Bates Clark Medal, the BBVA Frontiers of Knowledge Award in economics, finance and management, and the Kiel’s Institute’s Global Economy Price in economics. Simon Johnson is the Roland A. Kutz Professor of Entrepreneurship in Sloan School at MIT. He was the chief economist at the International Monetary Fund in 2007-2008. He has been a Fannie Mae director since February 2021. Contents Power and Progress has a prologue and 11 chapters. The chapters are 1) Control over Technology 2) Canal Vision 3) Power to Persuade 4) Cultivating Misery 5) A Middling Sort of Revolution 6) Casualties of Progress 7) The Contested Path 8) Digital Damage 9) Artificial Struggle 10) Democracy Breaks 11) Redirecting Technology…

Poverty, by America – Matthew Desmond
Non-fiction / 1st November 2023

Introduction Poverty, by America is the author’s attempt to answer this question: Why is there so much poverty in America? It is a book about poverty that is not just about the poor but also how the other half lives, about how some lives are made small so that others may grow. I would like to know the answer to the author’s question. Author Matthew Desmond is an American sociologist and the Maurice P. During Professor of Sociology at Princeton University, where he is also the principal investigator of the Eviction Lab. Contents Poverty, by America has a prologue, 9 chapter and an epilogue. The chapters are 1) The Kind of Problem Poverty Is 2) Why Haven’t We Made More Progress 3) How We Undercut Workers 4) How We Force the Poor to Pay More 5) How We Rely on Welfare 6) How We Buy Opportunity 7) Invest in Ending Poverty 8) Empower the Poor 9) Tear Down the Walls Review In Poverty, by America, the author discusses the persistent poverty in the United States, despite its abundance. Definitions The technical definition of poverty is that a person is considered “poor” when they cannot afford life’s necessities. However, poverty is more than that. Poverty is…

Storyselling for Financial Advisors: How Top Producers Sell – Scott West, Mitch Anthony
Non-fiction / 14th October 2023

Introduction Storyselling for Financial Advisors teaches the readers to tell the financial story. The authors want to show how the top advisors sell. As I am starting my financial planning business, I would like to know more about soliciting clients. Author Scott West is Head of Consulting for Invesco Van Kampen Consulting. I could not find much information about him on the internet. Mitch Anthony is a financial services advisor, author, speaker and consultant, and the developer of MyFLPTools, a subscription-based service that provides a suite of discovery tools for financial services professionals. Contents There are a preface and 13 chapters in Storyselling for Financial Advisors. The chapters are Part One: How to Put Half of Your Client’s Brain to Sleep 1) Why Statistics Don’t Sell and Stories Do 2) Learning to Speak the Language of the Right Brain 3) What’s Your Gut Feeling? How Decisions Really Get Made Part Two: Becoming a Better Storyseller 4) Reading and Leading Others: The 30-Second Body Language Read 5) How Socrates Can Help You Reach Your Sales Quota: Getting Others to Tell Their Story 6) How Self-Deprecation and Wit Will Get You Further Than Self-Promotion 7) Making the Intuitive Leap with Your Client 8)…

To Tell the Truth: The Age of Mind – Fred L. Fox
Non-fiction / 25th September 2023

Introduction To Tell the Truth is about making the reader’s life better. The author isolates the issues, identifies the problems and their causes, and offers a simple, practical and effective solution. I was asked to review this book. Author of To Tell the Truth Fred L Fox is an American retired geologist, entrepreneur, photographer, writer, rally champion, and jazz accordionist. Contents To Tell the Truth contains a preface, an introduction, 13 chapters which are divided into 3 parts and an appendix (A Peak Experience). Part 1 is It’s All About You and contains 6 chapters. Part 2 is A New Perspective: Thinking Creatively and is made up of 3 chapters. Part 3 is The Age of Mind and has 4 chapters. The chapters are: 1. Vital Relationships and What You Already Know 2. The Group: Group Relationships and Their Inherent Problems 3. Developing A Philosophy For Living 4. Beyond Community 5. Resolution Of The Problem 6. Doing It – Living The Good Life 7. Exploring Space – Looking For What Really Matters 8. Philosophy And The World Beyond: Something To Think About 9. Believe What You Already Know and Become Who You Already Are 10. The Philosophy Of Mind 11….

The Allocator’s Edge: A Modern Guide to Alternative Investments and the Future of Diversification – Phil Huber
Non-fiction / 4th September 2023

Introduction The Allocator’s Edge is about alternative investments. The author writes this book for financial advisors and investment professionals who want to do better than status quo. This book is recommended by a columnist on Forbes website. I would like to know what alternative investments are available and how they may fit into my investment portfolio. Author of The Allocator’s Edge Phil Huber is the chief investment officer for Savant Wealth Management. He has been involved in the financial services industry since 2007. He worked for Huber Financial Advisors from 2008 until it joined with Savant in 2020.  Contents The Allocator’s Edge contains an introduction, a How to Use This Book, and 12 chapters. The chapters are divided into 3 parts, namely The Allocator’s Dilemma (3 chapters), The Past, Present and Future of Alternative Investments (6 chapters), and Building Better Portfolios (3 chapters). The chapters are: 1. Hindsight is 60/40 – The Impaired Vision of Traditional Portfolios 2. Alternatives – The Most Loaded Word in Investing 3. How Investors Got to Now – The Evolution of Asset Allocation and the Democratisation of Alternatives 4. Too Big to Ignore – The Usual Suspects of Alternative Investing 5. When Alpha Met Beta –…

The Million-Dollar Financial Advisor: Powerful Lessons and Proven Strategies from Top Producers – David J. Mullen, Jr.
Non-fiction / 1st August 2023

Introduction The Million-Dollar Financial Advisor is about developing a successful financial advisory business. This book provides a glimpse into the best practices that make the top producers so successful. The author writes this book for financial advisors who want to take their business practice to the next level. As I am interested in the financial planning industry, I want to see what these best practices are. Author David J. Mullen, Jr. is a 30-year industry veteran and former Managing Director at Merrill Lynch, where he trained more than 500 financial advisors. The success rate of his advisor training programs have been significantly higher than the industry average. Contents There are an introduction and 16 chapters in The Million-Dollar Financial Advisor. The chapters are divided into 2 parts. The first part is The Lessons which contains 13 chapters. Part 2 is Putting the Lessons Into Practice and contains the remaining chapters. The chapters are 1) Lesson #1: The Top Advisor Mindset 2) Lesson #2: The “Leverage of Size” Principle 3) Lesson #3: Professional Development 4) Lesson #4: Specialisation 5) Lesson #5: Relationship Focus 6) Lesson #6: Marketing Best Practices 7) Lesson #7: Professional Referral Networks 8) Lesson #8: Nonprofit Organization Involvement…