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1st August 2019


Welcome to!

This is a blog to share my book reviews. As the name of the site suggests, I will try my best to post at least 2 reviews per month, thus hitting my personal target of reading 2 books per month.

I read both Chinese and English books. Thus, my review will be written in the language of the book that I read. I will categorize the books into fiction and non-fiction.

As this is a personal blog, my review represents my own point of view. I do not mean to insult or anger anyone.

You are free to leave any comments, including dissents. But as we are cultured people, I hope that we can keep the conversation civilized. I reserve the right to delete any comments that violate this simple rule. is a book review site run by yours truly, Chang CW.

I am a self-proclaimed bookworm. I have found joy in reading from a young age. Writing also becomes my hobby as time goes by. This blog is a platform to share my thoughts on books that I have read.

I am a Malaysian, so my point of view may be influenced by the events in my country. Having said so, I am quite open-minded (or so I thought). Reading a lot of books does open my eyes to differences in the world.

I hope you will enjoy reading my reviews.







大家好!我是Chang CW,一位自诩为书虫的马来西亚人。我在很小的时候就发现阅读是我的兴趣了。长大后我发现写作也慢慢成为我的兴趣了。这个博客是一个我用来分享读后感的平台。



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