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Forty Years to Life – Brenda Bradford Ward
Non-fiction / 29th February 2024

Introduction Forty Years to Life is an exposition of part of the transgendered condition from the perspective of the author who has known it personally. I received a request to review this book and proceeded to read it. Author Brenda Bradford Ward is a transgendered male-to-female woman. She had a career in financial services and is currently a doctoral student in sex and gender psychology. Contents Forty Years to Life has a total of 20 chapters. The chapters are: 1. The Terminology War 2. A Matter of Perception 3. A Manner of Being 4. Encounters of Youth 5. A Singular Event 6. A “Normal Boy” 7. For Higher Learning 8. Key Relationships 9. Lessons of Self and Gender 10. Music Discovered 11. A Room with No Door 12. A Time for Resolution 13. Stepping Out 14. The Condition and its Future 15. The Law and the Church 16. Popular Misconceptions 17. A Call to Action 18. Following the Plan 19. A Closing Word 20. Definitions and Conventions Used In This Work Review I knew Forty Years to Life would be a difficult read after a few paragraphs. Although this book is the author’s own personal experience, she wrote it with…