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Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom – Van K. Tharp
Non-fiction / 13th June 2020

Introduction I saw an investment website recommending Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom as a must-read and decided to read it. The author wants to help the readers to earn profits by learning more about themselves and devise a plan to fit their own personality and objectives. Author Van K. Tharp is a professional trading coach and consultant. He is also the founder and president of Van Tharp Institute. He has authored five books on the filed of investing. Content Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom has a foreword, 2 prefaces, and 15 chapters. The chapters are divided into 3 parts. Part One is The Most Important Factor in Your Success: You! The chapters are The Legend of the Holy Grail, Judgmental Biases: Why Mastering the Markets Is So Difficult for Most People, and Setting Your Objectives. Part Two is Conceptualizing Your System. The chapters include Steps to Developing a System, Selecting a Concept That Works, Trading Strategies That Fit the Big Picture, and Six Keys to a Great Trading System. Part Three is Understanding the Key Parts of Your System. The chapters are Using Setups to Jumpstart Your System, Entry or Market Timing, Knowing When to Fold ‘Em: How…