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The Women’s Guide to Successful Investing: Achieving Financial Security and Realizing Your Goals – Nancy Tengler
Non-fiction / 26th January 2021

Introduction The Women’s Guide to Successful Investing intends to educate the women regarding investments and to increase the readers’ financial IQ. The author aims to help the readers to establish a discipline that we will feel comfortable employing during good and difficult markets. I would like to learn the advice that the author gives and uses to become successful investors from this book. Author Nancy Tengler is a columnist, author, financial news commentator, and university professor. She has worked as a Chief Executive and Chief Investment Officer, overseeing the management of tens of billions of dollars globally. She has been named one of Money Magazine’s Best Women Investors and served as a regular guest host on CNBC as well as a frequent guest on PBS, CNN, CBS, NBC and Bloomberg TV. Contents The Women’s Guide to Successful Investing comprises a foreword, a preface, 14 chapters, and an appendix. The chapters are: 1) Wealth Accumulation Is an Attitude: Investing for Your Future Requires a Few Goals and Much Less Capital Than You Think, 2) Why Women Make Excellent Investors: Women Inherently Display the Traits Required for Successful Investing, 3) In Order to Get There We Need to Know Where We Are…