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Good Money: Understand Your Choices, Boost Your Financial Wellbeing – Nathalie Spencer
Non-fiction / 4th May 2023

Introduction Good Money is all about personal finance. This is a book that my wife was reading and I finished it before her. Authors Nathalie Spencer is a behavioural scientist. She leads an in-house team, is a published author, sits on advisory boards, contributes to industry events and publications. Contents Good Money has an introduction, a How to Use This Book section, 5 chapters, and an epilogue. The chapters are: 1. Money and Us 2. Money in the Day to Day 3. Resilience 4. Long-term Planning 5. Better with Money Each chapter contains 4 topics and comes with a toolkit and further learning. Review Good Money defines financial wellbeing as making ends meet day to day, planning for the long term and being prepared for inevitable hiccups along the way. How we spend our money reflects who we are, our expectations and our values. While having more and more money does not make us happier, having insufficient money can make us unhappy. Our point of reference changes when we get used to new circumstances. The new becomes normal. Humans think of the value of products not in absolute terms but in relation to other products, which might be exploited to…