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Such a Fun Age – Kiley Reid
Fiction / 13th February 2021

Introduction Such a Fun Age is a fiction that I saw in the shortlist of Goodreads Choice Awards 2020. It is the winner of the Debut Novel category. I wanted to take a break before continuing reading technical books. Author Kiley Reid is an American novelist who just graduated from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. This is her first novel. Content Such a Fun Age has a total of 28 chapters which are grouped into 4 parts. Part One contains 5 chapters. There are 7 chapters in Part Two. Part Three has 8 chapters. There is a total of 8 chapters in Part Four. All chapters have no title. Review Such A Fun Age is the story of Emira Tucker, who worked as the babysitter of Briar Chamberlain. After reading the first chapter, I thought it is about racism and would be boring but it gets interesting as the story evolves. It is actually a story of self-discovery. As the story develops, I can feel the dynamic and interaction between the characters. Though Emira was lost in her life at first, she finally found her calling as the story comes to an end. I had a hard time classifying this book….