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Such a Fun Age – Kiley Reid

13th February 2021
such a fun age book cover


Such a Fun Age is a fiction that I saw in the shortlist of Goodreads Choice Awards 2020. It is the winner of the Debut Novel category. I wanted to take a break before continuing reading technical books.


Kiley Reid is an American novelist who just graduated from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. This is her first novel.


Such a Fun Age has a total of 28 chapters which are grouped into 4 parts.

Part One contains 5 chapters.

There are 7 chapters in Part Two.

Part Three has 8 chapters.

There is a total of 8 chapters in Part Four.

All chapters have no title.


Such A Fun Age is the story of Emira Tucker, who worked as the babysitter of Briar Chamberlain. After reading the first chapter, I thought it is about racism and would be boring but it gets interesting as the story evolves.

It is actually a story of self-discovery. As the story develops, I can feel the dynamic and interaction between the characters. Though Emira was lost in her life at first, she finally found her calling as the story comes to an end.

I had a hard time classifying this book. It is clearly about racism and also about growing into adulthood. So, in the end, I put it into these 2 categories.

After reading this book, I feel that we should not meddle in people’s life. If we do things against their wishes, even if we think it is for their own good, it would often backfire. Another thing that I get from this book is that people rarely change. The two grown-up characters in the book were the same as when they were in high school.

I will say that this book is quite an interesting read and I would recommend it if you have some free time.


  1. It’s like eating everything on your plate ’cause you think someone else won’t go hungry if you don’t. You are not helping anyone but yourself.


3 out of 3 stars

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