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Turn the Ship Around! A True Story of Turning Followers Into Leaders – Louis David Marquet
Non-fiction / 7th February 2021

Introduction Turn the Ship Around is about leadership. It is the story of the journey and the sailors aboard the submarine Sante Fe. I am looking forward to see what can be learned from a retired military leader. Author Louis David Marquet is a retired United States Navy captain. He commanded the submarine USS Santa Fe and turned it from the worst in fleet to being the most successful. Contents Turn the Ship Around has a foreword, an introduction, 29 chapters which are grouped into 4 parts, and an afterword. Part I is Starting Over with 7 chapters. The chapters are Pain, Business as Usual, Change of Course, Frustration, Call to Action, “Whatever They Tell Me to Do!”, and “I Relieve You!”. Part II is Control and has 8 chapters. These chapters are Change, in a Word, “Welcome Aboard Santa Fe!”, Under Way on Nuclear Power, “I Intend To…”, Up Scope!, Who’s Responsible?, “A New Ship”, and “We Have a Problem”. Part III is Competence. It consists of 5 chapters which are “Mistakes Just Happen!”, “We Learn”, Under Way for San Diego, All Present and Accounted For, and Final Preparations. Part IV is Clarity and has 9 chapters. They are…