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So You Want to Start A Brewery? – Tony Magee
Non-fiction / 28th November 2019

Introduction So You Want to Start A Brewery? is a memoir of the starting of a business. The title attracts me. Although I am not going to start a brewery (but who knows what will happen in the future), I am very interested to know the process involved in operating a brewery. Author Tony Magee is the founder of Lagunitas Brewing Company. He was responsible for the recipe and labels on the bottles since the beginning. He started the brewery in 1993 and sold 50% of its share to Heineken in 2015. Heineken bought the remaining portion in 2017 and becomes the sole owner of the brewery. Tony Magee remains as chairman of the board. Contents So You Want to Start A Brewery? contains a fauxword, an introduction, 18 chapters, an afterword and an epilogue. Each chapter has its own title and I am going to list them down sequentially here: 1) The First Days, 2) The Tyranny of Fast Growth, 3) But What Kind of Beer…?, 4) Creative Funding, 5) Dramas and Debacles, 6) Tried and Tested, 7) The Birth of a Brand, 8) The Arrival of Our IPA, 9) Flavors and Labels, 10) Down with Dogma, 11) The…