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Don’t Bring It to Work: Breaking the Family Patterns That Limits Success – Sylvia Lafair
Non-fiction / 30th September 2019

Introduction Don’t Bring It to Work is a book about how family patterns affect work life and how we can harness them, instead of letting them jeopardize our career. It aims to improve professional relationships and make us better leader, mentor and teammate. Author Sylvia Lafair is a consultant on optimizing workplace relationships. Her global consulting company is Creative Energy Options, Inc. She was a family therapist before that. She has also developed a few educational programmes for work life. Besides that, she has written numerous articles for trade publications and national magazines. Content Don’t Bring It to Work has 8 chapters and an introduction. The book is divided into 3 parts. Part One is The Home-Work Connection and contains 3 chapters. This part conveys the importance of viewing all of life from a systems perspective. Part Two is The Way Out: Observe, Understand, and Transform Your Patterns. There are only 2 chapters in this part. This part contains the description of the 13 most common destructive patterns and the exercises to recognize our own patterns. Part Three is A New Me, A New You, A New Organization. It has 3 chapters. This part teaches us to be a change…