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Fluke: Chance, Chaos, and Why Everything We Do Matters – Brian Klass
Non-fiction / 11th April 2024

Review of Fluke Fluke tries to reframes our sense of who we are and how our world works. The author aims to dispel some of the damaging myths we pretend are true while exploring 3 facets of human experience that can help us understand ourselves. Storybook version of reality We focus on big, singular changes to expel big event, ignoring the small grains of sand that pile up and create avalanches. It is the storybook version of reality where everything that happens has a cause. To explain how we came to be who we are, we recognise the pivot points that so often were out of our control. But we ignore the invisible pivots, the moments that we will never realise were consequential, the near misses and the near hits that are unknown to us because we have never seen, and will never see, our alternative possible lives. That is why we are prone to inventing and clinging to false explanations in the face of seemingly random misfortune. Humans cannot easily accept randomness as an explanation for why we get cancer or end up in a car accident. Contingency vs convergence Contingency is the stuff happens theory while convergence is…