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The Psychology of Money: Timeless Lessons on Wealth, Greed, and Happiness – Morgan Housel
Non-fiction / 4th August 2021

Introduction The Psychology of Money is about the soft skill of managing money. It aims to convince the readers that soft skills are more important than the technical side of money. I saw this book being recommended in an investment blog, so I was interested to know how it relates to investing. Author Morgan Housel is a partner at The Collaborative Fund and a former columnist at The Motley Fool and The Wall Street Journal. He is a two-time winner of the Best in Business Award from the Society of American Business Editors and Writers, winner of the New York Times Sidney Award, and a two-time finalist for the Gerald Loeb Award for Distinguished Business and Financial Journalism. Contents The Psychology of Money consists of an introduction, 20 chapters and a postscript (A Brief History of Why the U.S. Consumer Thinks the Way They Do). The chapters are 1) No One’s Crazy, 2) Luck & Risk, 3) Never Enough, 4) Confounding Compounding, 5) Getting Wealthy vs. Staying Wealthy , 6) Tails, You Win, 7) Freedom, 8) Man in the Car Paradox, 9) Wealth is What You Don’t See, 10) Save Money, 11) Reasonable > Rational, 12) Surprise!, 13) Room for…