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The Motivation Myth: How High Achievers Really Set Themselves Up to Win – Jeff Haden
Non-fiction / 4th September 2019

Introduction The Motivation Myth aims to bust the motivation myth which states that motivation begets success. Its purpose is to help us achieve huge goals. Author Jeff Haden is a ghostwriter, speaker, author, productivity-improvement consultant, Inc. Magazine contributor and LinkedIn influencer. He has ghostwritten more than 50 books and hundreds of pieces. He had worked in the manufacturing sector for 20 years before changing his career pathway. Content The Motivation Myth contains an introduction and 11 chapters. The chapters are 1) Motivation Is Not the Spark, 2) The Greater Your Focus, the Lower Your Chances of Success, 3) Your Goal Must Always Choose Your Process, 4) Happiness Comes to Serial Achievers, 4.5) Wishing and Hoping Is the Most Unrealistic Approach of All, 5) To Gain Incredible Willpower… Need Less Willpower, 5.5) One Question Provides Nearly Every Answer, 6) Why Work Smarter When You Can Work Your Number? 7) You Don’t Need a Coach; You Need a Pro, 8) Do More by Doing Less and 9) The Bottom Line. I bet you notice there are 2 .5 chapters in the list above. These 2 chapters are shorter than the others, hence the .5. The contents of the chapters correspond to their…