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Five Stars: The Communication Secret to Get from Good to Great – Carmine Gallo
Non-fiction / 1st May 2023

Introduction Five Stars is a book about the art of persuasion. The author claims this book is the solution to the mismatch between human skills and computers. I have read one of the author’s previous book, Talk Like TED, a long time ago and stumbled upon this book in the bookstore. Thus, I would like to refresh my memory and see if there is something new here. Authors Carmine Gallo is a Harvard instructor, keynote speaker, and CEO communication coach for the world’s most admired brands. Contents Five Stars contain an introduction (Rise Up!), 16 chapters and a conclusion (Find the Tune That Makes Your Heart Sings) The chapters are divided into 3 parts. Part 1 is Why Great Communicators Are Irreplaceable and has 4 chapters: 1) Party, Power, and Moonshots 2) Winning the War of Ideas 3) Aristotle Was Right and Neuroscience Proves It 4) The Human Capacity to Dream Big Part 2 is Who’s Earned Five Stars and is made up of 5 chapters: 5) The Scientists 6) The Entrepreneurs 7) The Professionals 8) The Leaders 9) The TED Stars Part 3 is How to Get from Good to Great and contains 7 chapters: 10) The Pathos Principle…