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Winning the Loser’s Game: Timeless Strategies for Successful Investing – Charles D. Ellis
Non-fiction / 16th July 2023

Introduction Winning the Loser’s Game is a book that makes a case for indexing. This is my last unread recommended book from Richer, Wiser, Happier. The author wants the readers to understand the realities and know how to take appropriate action to convert the usual loser’s game into a winner’s game in which every sensible investor can and should be a long-term winner. I would like to see if there is any new thing in this book. Author of Winning the Loser’s Game For more information about Charles D. Ellis, you may refer here. Contents Winning the Loser’s Game contains a preface, an introduction, 28 chapters, and 3 appendices. The chapters are: 1. The Loser’s Game 2. The Winner’s Game 3. Beating the Market 4. Mr. Market and Mr. Value 5. The Investor’s Dream Team 6. Investor Risk and Behavioural Economics 7. Your “Unfair” Competitive Advantage Indexing 8. The Paradox 9. Time 10. Returns 11. Investment Risks 12. Building Portfolios 13. Whole Picture Finance 14. Why Policy Matters 15. Playing to Win 16. Challenges with Performance Measurement 17. The Dark Matter of Investing 18. Predicting the Market – Roughly 19. Individual Investors 20. Selecting Mutual Funds 21. Phooey on Phees 22….

The Elements of Investing: Easy Lessons for Every Investor – Burton G. Malkiel & Charles D. Ellis
Non-fiction / 19th March 2020

Introduction The Elements of Investing is obviously about investing. This is the updated version in 2013. The first edition was published in 2010. The authors aim to provide individual investors the basic principles for a lifetime of success in saving and investing. Authors Burton G. Malkiel is an American economist and writer. He is the Chemical Bank Emeritus Chairman’s Professor of Economics at Princetown University. He has served several roles related to his expertise in government, universities and major corporations. Charles D. Ellis is a consultant to large public and private institutional investors. He is the founder of Greenwich Associates, an international business strategy consulting firm. He has served as a board member, chair of committees, director and trustee of several different organizations. Mr Ellis is also a prolific author, with 17 books under his belt. Content The Elements of Investing has an introduction, 6 chapters, and a summary chapter. There is a preface for this second edition by George U. “Gus” Sauter, ex-Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of Vanguard and foreword of the first edition by David F. Swensen, CIO of Yale University. Chapter 1 is Save. This chapter is about the preliminary step before we can start to invest….