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Feel-Good Productivity: How to Do More of What Matters to You – Ali Abdaal
Non-fiction / 24th June 2024

Review of Feel-Good Productivity Feel-Good Productivity is not a productivity system to help the readers get more done at any cost. It is about doing more of what matters to you. It will help you learn more about yourself, what you love and what really motivates you. The author wants to offer a new way of thinking about productivity that you can apply to your own life in your own way. Feel Good Feeling good does not just end with feeling good. It actually changes our patterns of thought and behaviour. This will also lead to greater productivity. The 3 Energisers The author asks us to incorporate play, power and people into our lives. These are the 3 energisers that help us feel good in our work and life, boosting our energy and helping us do more of what matters to us. The author reminds that when it comes to interpersonal dynamics, the truth is often unclear due to the different personal perceptions and circumstances. Although sometimes we have to do tasks that we do not enjoy, we can take control by choosing how we work on it. This could make the tasks more enjoyable. Procrastination The 3 emotional barriers…