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Book of the Month: May 2023
General / 1st June 2023

English Five Stars is about the skill of persuasion. To excel in this digital age, effective communication is one of the keys. In this book, the author shares the skills to capture people’s attention. If you would like to polish your communication and even leadership skill, do not miss this book. 中文 《一胜九败》是优衣库创始人所著的。他在书中分享了UNIGLO的成功之道。从这本书中,我们会发现UNIGLO其实并不是一成不变,而是一直都在改良的公司。

Book of the Month: April 2023
General / 1st May 2023

English Beat the Dealer is about the counting card technique in the game of blackjack. This book teaches a few systems but I did not have the chance to try them. I think the how much to bet in each situation part very informative and may be applied in other areas. 中文 《超人诞生》介绍了作者设想的人类未来。科技将会增强人类的能力,而未来将会变得和现在不一样。未来将会是好是坏就靠我们来决定了。