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Book of the Month: March 2023
General / 1st April 2023

English When Genius Failed is about the now defunct Long-Term Capital Management. This hedge fund recruited a host of prominent traders and scholars, included 2 Nobel Laureates in Economic Sciences. However, it still ended in failure. This book gives us a glimpse into the rise and failure of this firm. When hearing about the recent debacle of Credit Suisse, it seems like the same mistakes were repeated again. Nonetheless, history does not repeat, but it rhymes. I believe the failures shared some of the same attributes. After reading this book, you might have known the reasons when some financial firms fail in the future. 中文 《生活需要界限感》虽然是一本鸡汤,不过它并不油腻。作者所写的故事都很好地带出了他想要表达的观点。你不需要完全同意,不过我相信你一定可以从这本书找到一些共鸣点。无论多亲密,人与人之间都是要有点界限,就看你自己怎么设置了。