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Book of the Month: March 2020
General / 1st March 2020

English Barking Up the Wrong Tree tries to debunk some myths on achieving success. This book looks at the common advice from both perspectives and suggests the best course of action. It prompts me to take a new look on the conventional methods to achieve success. With the techniques provided in this book, I hope that I am one step closer to success. I think this book is really good, especially for someone who feels stuck in life. 中文 《在天堂遇见的下一个人》是由《在天堂遇到的五个人》的作者所写的。这本书也可以算是《在天堂遇到的五个人》的续集。这本书并不会很长,不过故事却非常暖心。希望你阅读了之后也能感受到满满的正能量。