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Book of the Month: December 2020
General / 1st January 2021

English Creativity, Inc. is the tale of Pixar. The author is the co-founder of Pixar and went on to become the President of Walt Disney Animation Studios. In this book, he offers his experience on managing these two creative organizations. I find the tips to be quite good and they could be applied in other settings too. 中文 《一往无前》细述了小米的成长经历。书中提到了小米作为一间公司所遇到的挫折以及所取得的成就。由于这是一本官方授权传记,所以内容可能会有点偏颇。不过这本书却能让读者了解创业的艰辛以及如何才有可能取得成功。