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Book of the Month: November 2022
General / 1st December 2022

English How Children Fail talks about the failure of the education system. It points out the mistakes that the school is doing to the students and proposes some ways to fix it. Even though the ideas in the book were written decades ago, some are still relevant today. In this book, the most important lesson that I learned from this book is to facilitate real learning for the children. Real learning happens when we are able to apply the knowledge in life. Without this, all knowledge learned are just useless. 中文 《一人公司的致富思维》分享了作者如何把自己的YouTube频道经营成功的心路历程。他在书中毫无保留地分享了自己的经验,并为读者指出了一条明路。就算你不想经营YouTube频道,我认为你也可以在书中学到一些能够使自己在生活中更上一层楼的方法。