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The Wealth of Nations – Adam Smith
Non-fiction / 12th September 2019

Introduction If you are interested in economics, I bet you must have heard of the The Wealth of Nations. I am also attracted by its prominence and began to read this book when I had the chance. This book was written in the 18th century. Author Adam Smith was a Scottish economist, philosopher and author. With this book, he is known as “The Father of Economics”. He is a major proponent of laissez-faire economic policies. He died in Edinburgh in 1790. Content The Wealth of Nations is divided into 5 books. It starts with Introduction and Plan of Work which serves to introduce the layout and the objects of each book. Book One is Of the Causes of Improvements in the Productive Powers of Labour, and of the Order according to which its Produce is naturally distributed among the different Ranks of People. There are 11 chapters and a conclusion in this book. Book Two is Of the Nature, Accumulation, and Employment of Stock. It contains an introduction and 5 chapters. This section talks about capital stock. Book Three is Of the different Progress of Opulence in different Nations. This book only has 4 chapters. It mainly discusses the circumstances…