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Your Best Year Ever – Michael Hyatt

5th September 2019
Your Best Year Ever book cover


This book is about achieving goals. It tackles the issue of not following through our new year resolutions and provides a system to setting and achieving goals, hence the title “Your Best Year Ever”.


Michael Hyatt is a best-selling author and a successful blogger who owns the eponymous site, He was working in the publishing industry before founding Michael Hyatt & Company, a leadership development firm. He also created several online courses that aim to increase productivity.


There are 7 chapters in this book and an appendix. The first chapter is Your Best Is Yet to Come and serves as an introduction. The following chapters are Step 1: Believe the Possibility, Step 2: Complete the Past, Step 3: Design Your Future, Step 4: Find Your Why and Step 5: Make It Happen. The author ends each chapter with an action plan which is essentially a summary of the chapter. The final chapter is The LEAP Principle. The appendix contains some sample goal templates for the readers.


Have you ever made a new year resolution and could only sustain it for a few days (maybe a few weeks) before giving it up? Then this is the perfect book to read. This book teaches us the techniques to set goals and provides instructions to work towards those goals.

First, the author wants us to believe the possibility by adopting an abundance thinking. If it is hard to change the belief, the author suggests faking it till you make it. The second step involves learning from the past and be grateful. The third step is about the techniques of setting goals. He explains what constitute a good goal and how to realize it. Step 4 is about finding motivation and support. The last step is about doing manageable tasks one step at a time and conducting regular review. So, after going through all these steps, what else should we do? Leap into action.

The author provides a lot of practical advice in every chapter. He backs up these tips with real life examples to show how the steps could be done. To achieve a goal, we must commit to it. Get out of our comfort zones and step into the discomfort zones to make our goals challenging and meaningful. The author also recommends a few ways to stay motivated as we reach for our goals. These include gamify the process and measure the gains, not the gap. Last but not least, all the reading and planning would not turn to anything unless we take action. So, do not wait and start to act right away!


  1. Confidence, happiness, and life satisfaction are byproducts of personal growth.
  2. Our beliefs about what’s possible have a direct impact on the reality we experience.
  3. Gratitude keeps us positive, optimistic, and able to keep coming back for more when life throws obstacles in our way.
  4. The truth is that anything worth doing isn’t all fun, it’s almost never fast, and it certainly isn’t easy.
  5. Perfectionism and self-judgement are sure to derail us.


3 out of 3 stars

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