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Poverty, by America – Matthew Desmond
Non-fiction / 1st November 2023

Introduction Poverty, by America is the author’s attempt to answer this question: Why is there so much poverty in America? It is a book about poverty that is not just about the poor but also how the other half lives, about how some lives are made small so that others may grow. I would like to know the answer to the author’s question. Author Matthew Desmond is an American sociologist and the Maurice P. During Professor of Sociology at Princeton University, where he is also the principal investigator of the Eviction Lab. Contents Poverty, by America has a prologue, 9 chapter and an epilogue. The chapters are 1) The Kind of Problem Poverty Is 2) Why Haven’t We Made More Progress 3) How We Undercut Workers 4) How We Force the Poor to Pay More 5) How We Rely on Welfare 6) How We Buy Opportunity 7) Invest in Ending Poverty 8) Empower the Poor 9) Tear Down the Walls Review In Poverty, by America, the author discusses the persistent poverty in the United States, despite its abundance. Definitions The technical definition of poverty is that a person is considered “poor” when they cannot afford life’s necessities. However, poverty is more than that. Poverty is…