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Book of the Month: May 2021
General / 1st June 2021

English Unknown Market Wizards contains the author’s interview with a few traders. These traders trade futures or stocks. Although I do not dabble in speculating, I did learn a bunch from the book. It gave me the ideas to refine my investing strategy. I would really recommend this book to learn about preserving capital and position sizing. 中文 由于妻子怀孕了,所以我就想学习更多关于孕期的知识。《写给男人的第一本怀孕书》以幽默又不失严谨的方式解释了怀孕这件大事。作者从怀孕第一个月到过期妊娠都有所着墨。我从这本书中学了不少东西,如果你和我一样是第一次经历这事,读一读这本书看看如何协助你的老婆吧。