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Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity – David Allen
Non-fiction / 5th September 2020

Introduction Getting Things Done shares the strategies to get a lot more accomplished with much less effort, essentially to be maximally efficient and relaxed, whenever we need or want to be. I am interested in learning the system that the author claims to be so effective in organizing our lives. Author David Allen is the founder of David Allen Company, an executive coaching firm promoting his Getting Things Done methodology. Before being a consultant and productivity adviser, he has been a schoolboy actor, a debating champion, a karate practitioner and teacher, a waiter and a taxi driver and a manager of a lawn-service agency. He has written 3 books on productivity. Contents Getting Things Done has 15 chapters and is divided into 3 parts. It also has a foreword by James Fallows, two introductions (as this is a revised edition), and a conclusion. Part 1 is The Art of Getting Things Done and it contains 3 chapters. This part consists of the theories of this system. The chapters are A New Practice for a New Reality, Getting Control of Your Life: The Five Steps of Mastering Workflow, and Getting Projects Creatively Under Way: The Five Phases of Project Planning. Part…