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The Making of a Manager: What to Do When Everyone Looks to You – Julie Zhuo
Non-fiction / 19th January 2023

Introduction The Making of a Manager is about management. The author hopes this books sheds light on the whys of management. Only by buying into the whys can the readers truly be effective in the hows. Although I am not a manager, I hope to learn from this book what a manager wants, or at least what makes a good manager. Authors Julie Zhuo is a Chinese-American businesswoman and computer scientist. She was the vice president of product design at Facebook and now Co-Founder at Inspirit.  Contents There are an introduction (Great Managers Are Made, Not Born) , 10 chapters and an epilogue (The Journey is 1% Finished) in The Making of a Manager. The chapters are 1) What Is Management? 2) Your First Three Months 3) Leading a Small Team 4) The Art of Feedback 5) Managing Yourself 6) Amazing Meetings 7) Hiring Well 8) Making Things Happen 9) Leading a Growing Team 10) Nurturing Culture Review In The Making of a Manager, the author shares her own personal experience in the management world. For her, management feels like a deeply human endeavour to empower others. However, this might not be a road for everyone, so we should only take up…