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Book of the Month: May 2022
General / 1st June 2022

English Everybody Writes is about publishing good content. This book contains the tips and tricks for writing. Though the topic is actually quite technical, the author manages to make it light-hearted. If you would like to be a good writer, this is a book that you have to read. 中文 上个月读完的唯一一本中文书并不值得被推荐,所以又没有推荐书籍。

Book of the Month: April 2022
General / 1st May 2022

English I did not finish a book in April 2022, so there is nothing to be recommended. 中文 上个月读完的唯一一本中文书并不值得被推荐,所以又没有推荐书籍。

Book of the Month: March 2022
General / 3rd April 2022

English I have only finished a book in March 2022 and I do not think it should be recommended. 中文 上个月并没读完一本中文书,所以没有推荐书籍。

Book of the Month: February 2022
General / 1st March 2022

English Although the Guide to Investment Strategy does not provide any specific strategy, I find it to be enlightening. After all, each person has different goals and should have individualised investment strategy. This book gives us the knowledge to devise our own strategy. 中文 《跟美国幼儿园老师学早教》是一本育儿书。虽然我的孩子还没到书中探讨的年龄,但是早做准备总是没错的。希望我能够身体力行,利用书中的知识给我的孩子一个美好的童年。

Book of the Month: January 2022
General / 1st February 2022

English -Nil- As I did not finish any book in the past month, there is no recommended book for January 2022. 中文 -无- 由于我没读完任何书,所以一月没有本月推荐的书籍。

Book of the Month: December 2021
General / 9th January 2022

English Flour Water Salt Yeast is a recipe book for making bread and pizza. The author explains the making of bread and pizza in an easy to understand way and the steps seem easy. However, I have not tried any recipe in the book, so I am not too sure if it is really easy. Although this book was not my choice, I did enjoy reading this book. 中文 -无-

Book of the Month: November 2021
General / 5th December 2021

English In The Smart Money Method, the author shares his investment method with the readers. Though his method may require resources that are out of reach of individual investors, there are things that we can learn in this book to improve our investment returns. 中文 《简明日本史》以中立的角度解读了日本这个国家。我个人觉得作者非常中肯地指出了日本的好与坏,而且也没一味地唱衰日本。我从这本书学到了很多关于日本的事,也更正了一些错误的认知。

Book of the Month: October 2021
General / 6th November 2021

English The Fourth Trimester is all about the important first three months of baby. As my daughter was born recently, this book provides me with the knowledge to care for her. I think this is a good book for new parents. 中文 《暗黑者四部曲》是一部沉重的侦探小说。书中的故事让人深思何谓善恶。虽然法律并非完善,但人们也只能靠它来伸张正义了。但是如果法律也无辄呢?世界会不会需要Eumenides这样的人物呢?

Book of the Month: September 2021
General / 1st October 2021

English How Spies Think is about using the intelligence analysts’ way of thinking to make decisions. The author introduces SEES model in this book. Overall, I think the lessons in the book will help the readers to reduce our susceptibility to manipulation and improve our decision making skill. 中文 无。由于上个月只读了一本中文书,而它并没达到能被推荐的水平,所以这个月就没有推荐了。

Book of the Month: August 2021
General / 1st September 2021

English The Psychology of Money is a personal finance book that gives sensible and not-hard-to-follow recommendations. Saving alone is not enough to create wealth. The saved money should be put to work by investing. Though it is principally a personal finance book, there are some lessons about investing in the book too. As the author says, to each their own, so we have to find a method that works for us in investing. 中文 《网内人》探讨网络霸凌这个沉重课题。作者以一宗自杀案件慢慢地带出了网络所带来的负面影响。我觉得这本推理小说写得很好,作者已经把线索丢在读者面前,就看读者在谜底揭晓前能否自己发掘出真相。