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Book of the Month: November 2022
General / 1st December 2022

English How Children Fail talks about the failure of the education system. It points out the mistakes that the school is doing to the students and proposes some ways to fix it. Even though the ideas in the book were written decades ago, some are still relevant today. In this book, the most important lesson that I learned from this book is to facilitate real learning for the children. Real learning happens when we are able to apply the knowledge in life. Without this, all knowledge learned are just useless. 中文 《一人公司的致富思维》分享了作者如何把自己的YouTube频道经营成功的心路历程。他在书中毫无保留地分享了自己的经验,并为读者指出了一条明路。就算你不想经营YouTube频道,我认为你也可以在书中学到一些能够使自己在生活中更上一层楼的方法。

Book of the Month: October 2022
General / 1st November 2022

English Richer, Wiser, Happier is a great book about value investing. The author profiles a number of great investors in the book and we can learn from them. The most important thing is to devise an investing style that suits oneself. There are plenty of lessons to be learned from this book and we could choose those that appeal to us. 中文 《读懂一本书》使我获益良多。作者在书中无私分享了他的读书方式,为的就是通过自主读书、讲书让越来越多有用的知识普及化。就算你不想讲书或写书评,这本书也会提升你的阅读能力。

Book of the Month: September 2022
General / 1st October 2022

English Think Like An Entrepreneur, Act Like A CEO is a great book for employees. It contains advice to improve your career. Though I do not agree with everything in the book, the others make sense. If we are able to practise the tips, I believe it is hard not to progress well in our career. 中文 上个月只读了一本书,不过还不到三星的评价,所以就不推荐它了。

Book of the Month: August 2022
General / 1st September 2022

English Although I finished reading a book in August 2022, I have no time to write the review as I am preparing for the Registered Financial Planner examination. Thus, I have no recommendation for this month. 中文 最近忙着准备注册财务规划师的考试,所以没时间阅读。过了这个月后应该就会比较有时间看书了。

Book of the Month: July 2022
General / 1st August 2022

English The Seven-Day Weekend is above the practice of running a business by taking care of workers’ welfare while making profits at the same time. Even if you are just an employee, there are still things to learn in this book, especially about pursuing our own passions. The author had prescient views that turned out to be true years after the book was published. 中文 《财务自由之路II》和《富爸爸穷爸爸》非常相似,都是教人摆脱贫困的书籍。不过我个人觉得这本书里有更多的实际建议,而且也会帮助读者找出适合自己的道路。

Book of the Month: June 2022
General / 1st July 2022

English The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down is written by a monk. It contains the tips to lead a peaceful life. The quotes in the book are enlightening but I do not agree with everything. Nevertheless, I still think it is a good book to read to calm the mind. 中文 如果你对OKR有兴趣,《33张图秒懂OKR》将会非常适合你。作者把实行OKR时会遇到的难题以及如何解决都写在这本书内。虽然OKR不是万能的,但是多知道一种管理方式是有益无害。

Book of the Month: May 2022
General / 1st June 2022

English Everybody Writes is about publishing good content. This book contains the tips and tricks for writing. Though the topic is actually quite technical, the author manages to make it light-hearted. If you would like to be a good writer, this is a book that you have to read. 中文 上个月读完的唯一一本中文书并不值得被推荐,所以又没有推荐书籍。

Book of the Month: April 2022
General / 1st May 2022

English I did not finish a book in April 2022, so there is nothing to be recommended. 中文 上个月读完的唯一一本中文书并不值得被推荐,所以又没有推荐书籍。

Book of the Month: March 2022
General / 3rd April 2022

English I have only finished a book in March 2022 and I do not think it should be recommended. 中文 上个月并没读完一本中文书,所以没有推荐书籍。

Book of the Month: February 2022
General / 1st March 2022

English Although the Guide to Investment Strategy does not provide any specific strategy, I find it to be enlightening. After all, each person has different goals and should have individualised investment strategy. This book gives us the knowledge to devise our own strategy. 中文 《跟美国幼儿园老师学早教》是一本育儿书。虽然我的孩子还没到书中探讨的年龄,但是早做准备总是没错的。希望我能够身体力行,利用书中的知识给我的孩子一个美好的童年。