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Book of the Month: January 2024
General / 7th February 2024

English I am still reading the book that I started in January and I did not finish any book during last month. 中文 《为什么你的退休金只有别人的一半》教你如何投资出可观的退休金。虽然作者是以台湾民众为目标读者,但是里面的大部分知识都能被其他国家的投资人使用。

Book of the Month: December 2023
General / 4th January 2024

English The only book that I read last month (Power and Progress) does not have a 3-star rating, thus there is no book of the month for December 2023. 中文 《因为这是你的人生》探讨如何处理你的人生和人际关系。作者在书中给出了他自己的看法与建议,我个人觉得每个人或多或少都能从这本书中学到一些人生道理。

Book of the Month: November 2023
General / 1st December 2023

English Poverty, by America explains the persistence of poverty in a land of abundance. The author provides the reasons for this issue and gives some recommendations to tackle it. This book is actually quite easy to read, contrary to its heavy topic. If you would like to contribute to help the poor, this book would give you some ideas. 中文 《因为这是你的人生》探讨如何处理你的人生和人际关系。作者在书中给出了他自己的看法与建议,我个人觉得每个人或多或少都能从这本书中学到一些人生道理。

Book of the Month: October 2023
General / 1st November 2023

English Storyselling for Financial Advisors is a good book for its target audience, the financial planner. It provides a lot of tips for growing the business. Nonetheless, if you are not in this profession but would like to find a good financial planner, this book may provide some clues too. 中文 上个月所读的两本中文书都没达到三星的评价,所以就没有本月推荐了。

Book of the Month: September 2023
General / 1st October 2023

English The Allocator’s Edge is about alternative investments. It lists down most of the alternatives available in the market today. I learned a lot from this book and have a new perspective on asset allocation. 中文 《人类的明天》探讨人类如何才能创造出一个美好的未来。书中提出了很多已经在进行着的方法或是模式,也给出了成功的例子。未来是好是坏,就取决于我们现在的行动。

Book of the Month: August 2023
General / 1st September 2023

English Kaiju Preservation Society is an interesting novel. It has all the elements of a good story and it is an easy read. If you just want a light and fun read, give this book a try. 中文 《儿童性格心理学》的内容非常有用,我从中学习了很多知识。书中提到了四种性格以及适用每种性格的育儿方式。如果你想更好地指导孩子,不妨读一读这本书,也许能够因此发掘出孩子更好的一面。

Book of the Month: July 2023
General / 1st August 2023

English Winning the Loser’s Game espouses indexing as the ultimate investment strategy. In this book, you will find the arguments against active management. No matter what you choose, it is important to start early to reap the benefits of compounding. The second best time is to start now. 中文 《7-Eleven经营秘籍》细述了日本7-Eleven的起始。作者作为创始人,一步一脚印把它打造成如今的规模。他的经营宗旨就是站在顾客的立场上思考他们要的是什么,不是只在口头上说都是为顾客好。

Book of the Month: June 2023
General / 1st July 2023

English A Man for All Markets is the autobiography of Edward O. Thorp. He had wins in the casinos and also the stock market. This book provides a glimpse into how he managed to beat the casino and the stock market. 中文 上个月所读的唯一一本中文书(《茑屋经营哲学》)没得到三星评价,所以这个月就没有本月推荐了。

Book of the Month: May 2023
General / 1st June 2023

English Five Stars is about the skill of persuasion. To excel in this digital age, effective communication is one of the keys. In this book, the author shares the skills to capture people’s attention. If you would like to polish your communication and even leadership skill, do not miss this book. 中文 《一胜九败》是优衣库创始人所著的。他在书中分享了UNIGLO的成功之道。从这本书中,我们会发现UNIGLO其实并不是一成不变,而是一直都在改良的公司。

Book of the Month: April 2023
General / 1st May 2023

English Beat the Dealer is about the counting card technique in the game of blackjack. This book teaches a few systems but I did not have the chance to try them. I think the how much to bet in each situation part very informative and may be applied in other areas. 中文 《超人诞生》介绍了作者设想的人类未来。科技将会增强人类的能力,而未来将会变得和现在不一样。未来将会是好是坏就靠我们来决定了。