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Book of the Month: September 2021
General / 1st October 2021

English How Spies Think is about using the intelligence analysts’ way of thinking to make decisions. The author introduces SEES model in this book. Overall, I think the lessons in the book will help the readers to reduce our susceptibility to manipulation and improve our decision making skill. 中文 无。由于上个月只读了一本中文书,而它并没达到能被推荐的水平,所以这个月就没有推荐了。

Book of the Month: August 2021
General / 1st September 2021

English The Psychology of Money is a personal finance book that gives sensible and not-hard-to-follow recommendations. Saving alone is not enough to create wealth. The saved money should be put to work by investing. Though it is principally a personal finance book, there are some lessons about investing in the book too. As the author says, to each their own, so we have to find a method that works for us in investing. 中文 《网内人》探讨网络霸凌这个沉重课题。作者以一宗自杀案件慢慢地带出了网络所带来的负面影响。我觉得这本推理小说写得很好,作者已经把线索丢在读者面前,就看读者在谜底揭晓前能否自己发掘出真相。