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Book of the Month: June 2020
General / 1st June 2020

English There are a few books that I rated as 3-star in the last month but in the end I chose this book as the book of the month of June 2020. One Small Step Can Change Your Life is about employing kaizen to improve our personal lives. The suggestions in this book are not some life-changing big steps but small steps that everyone could take. If you want to improve some aspects of your life but could not muster the will to do it, try reading this book and see if it could help. 中文 《天才在左疯子在右》是一本关于精神病的记录。作者选出一些他四年里访谈精神病患者或其他人的事迹写成本书。书里的一些观点非常有趣或是新奇,非常值得一看。这本书也能够刷新我们对精神病人的刻板印象。