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This Is Major: Notes on Diana Ross, Dark Girls, and Being Dope – Shayla Lawson

23rd November 2020
this is major book cover


This Is Major is about black activism, I guess. I noticed this book in the Humor category of the Semifinal Round of the 2020 Goodreads Choice Awards. As I was looking for something light to read, I picked this book.


Shayla Lawson is an American poet and writer. Other than this book, she also has 3 poetry collections.


This Is Major contains an introduction titled American Girls and 16 chapters.

The chapters in ascending order are 1) You Are Here, 2) For Colored Girls, 3) I Tried to Be Twitter Famous, 4) Tammy from HR, 5) No, My First Name Ain’t Whoopi, 6) Black Girl Magic, 7) Names for “Black” and What Year It Was, 8) Black Girl Hipster, 9) “Black Lives Matter” Yard Signs Matter, 10) Intraracial Dating, 11) Love Songs for Thots, 12) Cake Is Canceled, 13) Let Her Be Laughter, 14) Diana Ross Is Major, 15) Young, Drifted & Black, and 16) & Just in Case You Forgot Who I Am, I Am.


This Is Major is an essay collection of the author. The theme revolves around the experience of being a female African American.

All the essays can be read as a standalone story. Honestly, I could not understand a large part of the book. It might be due to the words used which are unfamiliar to me.

This book is not what I expected it to be and I would definitely not categorize it in the humor category. What I did learn from this book is that the perception of the receiver of our actions and/or words might be different from what we thought and we must take into account the receiver’s response, regardless of our intention. Perhaps by doing so, the world may become a better place.


  1. As kids, we learn we are lesser people only to spend the rest of our lives unlearning it.
  2. This is what “machine learning” means: machines study human preferences and write those preferences into code.


1 out of 3 stars

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