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The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need – Andrew Tobias
Non-fiction / 1st May 2020

Introduction The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need is a book recommended by some reading blogs that I stumbled upon. I found the title to be interesting – is this seriously the sole guide that I ever need? So, I decide to find out if the claim is true. Author Andrew Tobias is an American writer with 12 books published in the fields of investment, politics, insurance and others. He was a contributing editor to several magazines such as New York Magazine and Esquire. He sold Managing Your Money software in the early days of personal computers. Prizes awarded to him include Gerald Loeb Award for Distinguished Business and Financial Journalism, Harvard Magazine’s Smith-Weld Prize, GLSEN’s first Valedictorian Award, and the Consumer Federation of America Media Service Award. He was the Treasurer of the Democratic National Committee from 1999 to 2017. Content The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need has a preface, an introduction (The Big Picture), 11 chapters organized into 3 parts, and 9 appendixes. Part 1 is Minimal Risk. There are 6 chapters here. These chapters are 1) If I’m So Smart, How Come This Book Won’t Make You Rich?, 2) A Penny Saved Is Two Pennies Earned,…