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Reflection on 2022
General / 1st January 2023

English In 2022, I only managed to finish 19 books, which is below my target of 2 books per month. On average, I only read 1.58 books/month. I am not very happy with this achievement, but given the circumstances and other chores that I was doing during 2022, I think this is acceptable. There are 10 English books out of these 19 books. Out of these 10 books, I rated 9 as 3-star. These books are Beautiful World, Where Are You, Everybody Writes, Guide to Investment Strategy, How Children Fail, Richer, Wiser, Happier, The Lost City of Z, The Seven-Day Weekend, The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down, and Think Like An Entrepreneur, Act Like A CEO. I would try to hit my target of 2 books per month in 2023. 中文 我在去年一共只读了十九本书,比前年的四十本少了一半以上。我的平均阅读速度是每月一点五八本书,低于我月读二书的目标。 十九本书里只有九本是中文书籍。这九本书中我只给了七本书三星的评价。这七本书是《跟美国幼儿园老师学早教》、《33张图秒懂OKR》、《财务自由之路II》、《读懂一本书》、《一人公司的致富思维》、《加速你的FIRE人生》以及《一张图看懂10位投资大师的致富之道》。 我将会尝试在二零二三年恢复月读二书的水平。

Reflection on 2021
General / 9th January 2022

English It is already 2022 and I would like to reflect on my reading achievement in 2021. In the past year, I finished 40 reading books versus 67 books in 2020. The decline is what I have stated in Reflection on 2020 and I am happy with this result. On average, I read 3.33 books/month. So, I have exceeded my target of 2 books/month. Out of these books, only 18 are English books. Due to increasing personal commitments, I am not sure if I would be able to maintain my reading rate of 2 books per month but I would try my best to reach this target. 中文 二零二二年已经来临,我想趁此机会看看去年的成就。 我在二零二一年一共阅读了四十本书。我的目标是月读二书,所以我已经达标了。我的平均阅读速度是每月三点三三本书。 四十本书里多达二十二本是中文书籍。我在去年已经说了二零二一年可能会减少阅读量,所以我还挺满意这个数量的。基于生活中出现了越来越多需要处理的事务,今年的阅读量可能会再降低。不过我还是会尽量每月阅读至少两本书。

Reflection on 2020
General / 1st January 2021

English Happy new year! In 2020, I finished a total of 67 books, which is around 52% higher than 2019. On average, I read 5.58 books/month. So, I have exceeded my target of 2 books/month again. Out of these books, 28 (around 7% increase from last year) are English books. The ratio of fiction to non-fiction is 5 to 23. It is approaching the ratio of 1 to 4 that I set at the beginning of the year, so I have accomplished my goal. In 2021, as I have begun to write a Chinese novel in the fourth quarter of 2020, I guess I would not have so much time to read now. Furthermore, I have other commitments too. Nonetheless, I will still strive to read and post at least 2 book reviews (1 Chinese and 1 English) every month. Thanks for your support and I hope to see you around often! 中文 新年快乐! 我在二零二零年一共阅读了六十七本书,比二零一九年提升了五十二个百分点。我的目标是月读二书,所以我已经达标了。我的平均阅读速度是每月五点五八本书。 六十七本书里有三十九本是中文书籍,比去年多了将近一倍。在这些书中,文学类对非文学类的比例是差不多一对二。今年设下的目标是多看点小说,所以文学类书籍的数量多了不少。原本是想要把中文书对英文书的必例保持在一对一,不过现在中文书的阅读量接近英文书的一点五倍,有点超标了。 鉴于我在去年年末开始写一部小说(战神传奇),所以今年可能没那么多时间阅读了。不过我还是会尽量每月阅读和上传至少两本书(一本中文和一本英文)的读后感。 谢谢你的支持!愿今年也会继续得到你的支持!

Reflection on 2019
General / 2nd January 2020

English In 2019, I finished 44 books, which exceeds my target by 20 books. On average, I read 3.67 books/month, so it was around 3 books/month. Out of these books, 26 are in English language. The ratio of fiction to non-fiction is 1 to 25. I have only read 1 fiction during last year. This is due to the fact that I prefer to learn new skills or read biographies rather than novels. Most of the books that I read are related to finance/investment as I am dabbling in the stock market. However, once in a while, I would choose books in some unrelated fields just to take in some new perspectives. However, I feel that the ratio is too off balance. I am thinking of a ratio of 1 to 4 so that I would not overload my brain in 2020. Hopefully I will be able to achieve this ratio. 中文 我在二零一九年一共阅读了四十四本书。我的目标是月读二书,所以我已经超越目标了。我的平均阅读速度是每月三点六七本书,差不多就是一个月三本书。 四十四本书里有十八本是中文书籍,比英语书少了接近三成。在这些书中,五本属于文学类。与英文书籍比起来,文学类对非文学类的比例差异并不大。非文学类大多是一些商业管理书籍,因为我想看看如何管理好一门生意或事业。 新的一年里,我觉得应该多看点小说,或许会阅读些经典武侠小说。我也想要把中文书对英文书的必例保持在一对一。既然有了目标,那我就努力实现它吧!