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The Smart Money Method: How To Pick Stocks Like A Hedge Fund Pro – Stephen Clapham
Non-fiction / 19th November 2021

Introduction The Smart Money Method is a book about investment strategy. The author presents his investment process from finding the original idea to buying, monitoring and selling. He would like to improve the readers’ investment performance with this book. I would like to know how hedge fund managers choose the stocks to be included in their portfolios and see if I could implement some methods to improve my returns. Author Stephen Clapham is the founder of Behind the Balance Sheet. He spent some 20 years as an equity analyst at different investment banks, covering various sectors, and was consistently rated in the top 10 in his sector. He moved to the buy-side in 2005 and was a partner and head of research at 2 multi-billion dollar hedge funds; he specialised in using a deep dive research approach to identify special situation opportunities. Contents The Smart Money Method has a preface, an introduction, and 14 chapters. The chapters are 1) What Makes A Good Investment?, 2) Finding Ideas, 3) Testing the Hypothesis, 4) Understanding the Industry, 5) Quality, 6) Analysis of Company Quality, 7) Management, 8) Company Financials, 9) Valuation, 10) Communicating the Idea, 11) Maintaining the Portfolio, 12) Macro-Economic Analysis,…