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Forty Years to Life – Brenda Bradford Ward
Non-fiction / 29th February 2024

Introduction Forty Years to Life is an exposition of part of the transgendered condition from the perspective of the author who has known it personally. I received a request to review this book and proceeded to read it. Author Brenda Bradford Ward is a transgendered male-to-female woman. She had a career in financial services and is currently a doctoral student in sex and gender psychology. Contents Forty Years to Life has a total of 20 chapters. The chapters are: 1. The Terminology War 2. A Matter of Perception 3. A Manner of Being 4. Encounters of Youth 5. A Singular Event 6. A “Normal Boy” 7. For Higher Learning 8. Key Relationships 9. Lessons of Self and Gender 10. Music Discovered 11. A Room with No Door 12. A Time for Resolution 13. Stepping Out 14. The Condition and its Future 15. The Law and the Church 16. Popular Misconceptions 17. A Call to Action 18. Following the Plan 19. A Closing Word 20. Definitions and Conventions Used In This Work Review I knew Forty Years to Life would be a difficult read after a few paragraphs. Although this book is the author’s own personal experience, she wrote it with…

The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon – David Grann
Non-fiction / 13th December 2022

Introduction The Lost City of Z is a biography about the British explorer, Percy Harrison Fawcett. I was looking for a biography to read. This book is one of several recommended in a biography blog and since I do not know which one to read, I randomly picked this book. Authors David Grann is an American journalist, a staff writer for The New Yorker magazine, and an author.  Contents The Lost City of Z has a preface and 25 chapters. The chapters are 1) We Shall Return, 2) The Vanishing, 3) The Search Begins, 4) Buried Treasure, 5) Blank Spots on the Map, 6) The Disciple, 7) Freeze-Dried Ice Cream and Adrenaline Socks, 8) Into the Amazon, 9) The Secret Papers, 10) The Green Hell, 11) Dead Horse Camp, 12) In the Hands of the Gods, 13) Ransom, 14) The Case for Z, 15) El Dorado, 16) The Locked Box, 17) The Whole World Is Mad, 18) A Scientific Obsession, 19) An Unexpected Clue, 20) Have No Fear, 21) The Last Eyewitness, 22) Dead or Alive, 23) The Colonel’s Bone, 24) The Other World, and 25) Z. Review The Lost City of Z is about the greatest exploration mystery of…

Lee Kuan Yew: The Man and His Ideas – Han Fook Kwang, Warren Fernandez and Sumiko Tan
Non-fiction / 1st August 2019

Introduction Lee Kuan Yew, a name that is widely recognized in the ASEAN region, is the former leader of Singapore. This is a book about his political life with the aim to describe and not to critique. Authors Han Fook Kwang is an Editor-At-Large of The Straits Times, a newspaper in Singapore. He was a former civil servant of the Singapore government. His area of expertise is the political segment. Warren Fernandez is the Editor-In-Chief of The Straits Times. He works for the paper since 1990 and left to Royal Dutch Shell in 2008 before returning. He also specializes in the political segment. Sumiko Tan is also an editor of The Straits Times. She has been with the paper since 1985, starting as a crime reporter. She pens the longest-running column in The Sunday Times. Content This book has 4 main sections after the Introduction. The first section is The Making of a Politician which has 3 chapters. The second section is Ideas that Made a Nation which contains 7 chapters. The Man Behind the Ideas is the fourth part and has just a single chapter. The last section is In his Own Words: Selected Speeches and Interviews which consists…