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Book of the Month: April 2021
General / 1st May 2021

English Radical Candor teaches the readers how to be a good boss. The author offers her recommendations and own experience in the journey to be a humane and effective manager. If you aspire to be an inspiring boss to your direct reports or employees, do read this book. 中文 《每天演好一个情绪稳定的成年人》对我而言就是一本人生课本。作者精辟地说出了人生的好与坏,并给了读者一些人生准则。我们不必同意作者的所有观点,但如果你想对人性有多一些了解,或是想在这功利主义社会找到自己活着的意义或生存方式,这本书应该能够给你答案。