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Djinn City – Saad Z. Hossain

23rd May 2021
djinn city book cover


Djinn City is a fantasy novel. I stumbled upon this book when I was looking for a fiction to read.


Saad Z. Hossain is a Bangladeshi author. He has written 3 books since 2015.


Djinn City has a total of 52 chapters, a glossary, and 2 appendices. Every chapter has a title but I am not going to list them here due to the sheer amount of words.


Djinn City has 3 male protagonists: Indelbed, Kaikobad, and Rais. They are all from the Khan Rahman clan. There are a lot of twists in the story which I did not expect. The story involves some mystic creatures, legendary creations, and magic. Furthermore, the djinns in the book are not the conventional type that we know.

The author mentions some Southeast Asian countries in the book, including Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. Besides that, he also includes some scientific knowledge such as anatomy, genetic, and physics. But I am not sure if everything in the book is true or not.

Overall, Djinn City is a good read. It teaches the lesson of not giving up even when the going is tough. Persevere through the hardship and you might be rewarded. Even if you perish in the end, at least you have tried. Nonetheless, I personally do not like the ending. It seems like the author is planning for a sequel but I am not sure when it will be released.


  1. For those of us without brute strength, precision is the path we must follow.


3 out of 3 stars

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